Do What You Love

For so many years, if you had asked what my hobbies were, I would have strained my brain to think of something that I enjoyed doing just for me. Of course, I had always been a reader, but I kind of put that hobby into the same category as watching TV. While I was raising my son (and my stepsons later), my main hobby was watching sports, particularly baseball. It’s still my all-time favorite pastime. However, now that our boys have become men with their own lives, I decided to discover if I had any skills, interests, or hobbies of my very own.

On more than one occasion, my sweet mother tried to teach me how to sew. I even made a few attempts in Girl Scouts, but the love of sewing or any kind of needlepoint just never grabbed ahold of me. Instead, I gravitated towards skills that required tools, never realizing that there were tools involved in many different forms of art. So, last fall, I started dabbling in jewelry-making. I don’t remember how I chose that particular craft, but I’m certainly glad I did. I think I just wanted to make inexpensive Christmas gifts for my family and friends, and then the love of jewelry-making just took over!

Do you have a hobby that you have put on the back burner while you devoted all of your time to just getting through life? I think we sometimes believe that our hobbies/interests are frivolous and that we’re wasting time when we do something for the sheer pleasure of it.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’m thankful for the chance to explore my own interests and delve into a new hobby. I hope you will do the same… and flourish during this crazy time in history.


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