It’s Too Pretty to Write

I’ve missed it… writing.  There have been many reasons for my absence in the blogging world lately.  I can blame it on my job(s).   I’m a school counselor, so springtime gets a little crazy with standardized testing,  Section 504 conferences, and the various end-of-school activities.  I also work a second job at a local department store, so extra time gets scarce in the evenings.  And, to top it all off, our youngest son graduated from high school this year.  We had baseball games, senior night, baccalaureate, graduation, etc.  Naturally, I didn’t want to miss any of those senior mom moments.

So, when the frenzy died down and summer began, I was mentally prepared to settle down in front of my laptop for endless days of blogging about the whirlwind school year that had just ended.  Only the laptop wouldn’t open.  Just kidding.  Somehow, I didn’t make time to write.  I guess I could just blame the beautiful weather, but it has rained for most of the past week.   So… what’s my excuse?

I honestly believe that my brain has been so crazy (with all of the activities mentioned above) that it’s frozen.  Maybe it’s just overwhelmed and in shock.

So, as I sit down to write early this summer morning, I notice that the sun is glorious today.  Maybe it is too pretty to write…



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