Secret Blogger

How long can I write a blog without telling my family and friends?  Is there a typical length of time one allows for secret exploration before the truth must be told?  I’m not trying to be dishonest or sneaky.  I’m definitely not planning to write about taboo topics or stir up political unrest.  I simply enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with complete strangers.  Where’s the harm in that?

Perhaps, one of these days, I’ll break the news to my inner circle of special people.  Will they suddenly feel less special… less inner-circlish?  I actually find myself dreading that day.  For now, I’ll just enjoy my new hobby.




3 thoughts on “Secret Blogger

  1. Hey Terri! I did exactly that just today 😀 Cheers! For me the temptation was also (I guess?), for the sake of it. Although I’m absolutely sure I’d never tell any of the persons I know about this blog 😀 And also lately, I resolved to read more people’s blogs, follow them, comment on their posts so that I could start getting to actually know people (earlier, it was just writing writing writing and computer shutdown). Hey again! 🙂

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  2. I love this post, Terri. I’m happy I found you. And I bet your family and friends will be happy to find you here too. But In my opinion you can blog in secret for as long as you like : ) When I first started blogging, I dreaded telling people too.

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