The Urge to Edit

As I begin this new blogging journey, I find myself unable to resist the urge to continuously edit my posts.  Is this some form of cheating?  Am I the only one who returns to a post, rereads it, and makes corrections or improvements?


Maybe I have a problem.  I’ve never been known as a perfectionist in any other area of my life.  I certainly have never reached perfection in my writing either, but I feel compelled to tweak my blog posts until mistakes are not blatantly obvious.  Some errors are easy to spot, while others aren’t caught until the 3rd or 4th time I’ve read the material after publishing it.  Sometimes, I just choose a different word here and there.  (After years of not writing, I’ve discovered that my vocabulary has suffered.)

So my question to you, fellow bloggers, is this:  Am I cheating?  Or is this just part of the process?

When I was a student, papers were not submitted online.  We typed our work, and turned it in.  Once you handed it to your professor, that was it.  Done.  Finished.  No more chances to make corrections.  And, on the occasion when an instructor gave us a chance to rewrite a paper, I despised having to make corrections.  I cringed when I received those red editing marks on my paper.  So why I am so compelled to keep trying to fix my published work now?  Is it simply because I can?




2 thoughts on “The Urge to Edit

  1. Definitely not cheating! I’m really surprised how many bloggers seem never to look over what they’ve written and correct their errors and awkward sentences. It makes them look unintelligent. Real writers spend a lot of time even on short and simple projects.

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  2. Your posts are taking me back to when I first started blogging–I had the same thoughts and questions : ) And I agree–definitely not cheating! I used to do this constantly. A) I think it’s part of the process. And B) I think it’s good for our writing. Even now, every once in a while, I still go back and edit. I can’t resist trying to get it “right.”

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